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The platform for sharing musical instruments with people all over the world.

Why not play the musical instrument you’ve always dreamed of?

Why not allow the musical instruments that are asleep in your home to shine again?


Why not experience musical instruments from all over the world?

Atsumari’s services have received the approval of many musicians and music teachers from around the world.


By allowing regular people to list their instruments, we will respond to the needs of those who need to borrow musical instruments.



Atsumari responds to the various musical needs of both those listing musical instruments and those using them.


【Sharing Economy promotion logo mark】

This logo mark was unveiled by the sharing economy promotion department of the general strategy section of the cabinet secretariat for information technology on the 24th March 2017.


Atsumari responds to the various musical needs of both those listing musical instruments and those using them.

I want to use musical instruments more freely.
I want to use musical instruments more freely.
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I want to put my unused musical instruments to use/

I have instruments I’m not using but don’t want to throw them away.

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I want to rent a musical instrument and book lessons, all from the comfort of my home.
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There’s no musical instrument store near my house.
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I want to sell the instruments of memory as high as possible.
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I want to make friends with music lovers all over the world.
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I want to try playing instruments before buying them.
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I just want to use a good quality instrument for my performance.
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I’m worried that the lister might take my money and not send the instrument…
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But I’m worried about my instruments getting broken.
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I don’t just want to rent out my instruments, I want to sell them/I don’t just want to rent instruments, I want to buy them.
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I want to speak to the creator/lister directly.
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How to use our sharing service

#1 Register your personal information to use the service

・Listers must enter their personal information, instrument information and bank account information. We will review your application before allowing you to use the service.

・Those looking to rent instruments must register their personal information before being able to use the service. (But can view listings without signing up)

Example Transaction

*An instrument that is listed at $1,000  

1 week: $28 

1 month: $67


*An instrument that is listed at $3,000

1 week: $84 

1 month: $201

※The sharing fee is determined by our calculation guidelines.

※The final price is set by the lister.

※Registered users are only charged when they make a purchase/transaction.

※Maximam 6 month.

We transfer the transaction amount minus a 25% commission fee to your bank account once the sharing period finishes, or the month after you sell your instrument. If the user renting the instrument decides that they would like to buy it, you can decide on details on our platform and allow them to purchase it.

For instrument makers


This is an opportunity to expand your market!

Don’t you have instruments that you have been unable to sell for a while? By offering them on our service, you can offer them to users looking for high quality instruments.

Makers can register with our unique authentication system, differently to regular listers.


For new connections between makers

There are many manufacturing methods used by instrument makers around the world. Why not use the Atsumari community to connect with these people and learn their techniques?

With Atsumari, you can make new friends and discoveries.

About Us


atsumari LLC.

Atsumari LLC. is an official member of the Japan Sharing Economy Association.

We started this service after conducting interviews and experiments that highlighted the current problems faced by musical instrument craftsmen and women, people with unused instruments in their homes, and those that need musical instruments.

Along with this service, we also offer old violin dealing services, so please contact ​us for more information.

On ​Facebook and Instagram

We post about our services, in addition to photos of our violin making on social media!

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Contact Us

atsumari LLC.

#403 Duo Scala Ochanomizu

2-10-3 Kandaogawamachi

Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan​

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~Our mission~


『Bringing musical instruments closer to you』

『Encouraging the instrument makers of the future』

『Creating communication between musicians』

Atsuto Kizuki



Mario Caporale


Violin Maker/Dealer

Supporter voices

​atsumari has many supporters.

I am a candidate for a stringed musical instrument craftsperson. For those who are learning stringed musical instrument making, the service atsumari is providing has never been so far, broadens future vision, and increases motivation. I hope this service will be widely known.

Student of the Violin making


I think that it is a good system that can complete the sharing and trading of musical instrument in one platform. I am very hoping for the growth of “Atumari” together with the spread of the concept of musical instrument sharing. 

Repairer/Maker of a stringed musical instrument


I think it is a valuable opportunity to introduce my own new musical instruments to users in all over the world through atsumari's sharing service. As a musical instrument maker, I will continue to do my best to be able to provide high quality products.


Violin Maker/Repair

Tokyo Japan

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